Contact Information

English Language Learner (ELL)

If you are new to the district and have questions regarding screening, please see contact below:

  • ELL Coordinator, Ryan Rumpf  (  (816.986.1006)

Health Services

For questions regarding board policies or procedures, see contact below:

  • R.N. Coordinator Terissa Hansen (   (816.986.1513)


  • Medicaid Administrative Assistant, Christa Merritt ( (816.986.1012)

Section 504

Section 504 is a part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that prohibits discrimination based upon disability.  Section 504 is an anti-discrimination, civil rights statute that requires the needs of students with disabilities to be met as adequately as the needs of the non-disabled students are met.  Please see contact below:

  • Section 504 Coordinator – LSW Zone,  Sarah Gregory (  (816.986.1534)
  • Section 504 Coordinator – LSN Zone, Amy Heath  (  (816.986.1544)
  • Section 504 Coordinator – LSHS Zone, Shaquella Moore (  (816.986.1521)

Great Beginnings Early Education Center (GBEEC)

GBEEC provides a variety of early education services for students that meet specific eligibility criteria.  GBEEC has the following services:  developmental screenings, Early Childhood Special Education, Head Start Program, Parents as Teachers (PAT) and Title I Preschool.  If you are new to the district and have questions regarding programs or screening, please contact the GBEEC main office at (816) 986-2460.  

  • Principal, Kerry Boehm  (
  • Assistant Principal, Jeanie Cook  (

Miller Park Center (MPC)

Miller Park Center is a unique campus that houses two types of day-treatment programs, as well as, an 18-21 year program.  Attendance at MPC is based solely upon IEP-team decisions.  The telephone number for MPC’s main office is (816.986.1540)

  • Director, Kelly Twenter  (

Special Education

Below is helpful information to guide you to the best contact person for special education-related concerns.

  • Your child’s “Case Manager” should always be your first point of contact as they know your child’s needs first hand.  Case Managers are responsible for the following:  
    • Facilitates your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) process
    • Updates any accommodations/modification plans to general education teachers
    • Completes IEP forms
    • Maintains goal data collection
    • Monitors progress / completes progress reports
  • If you have questions regarding your child’s evaluation, the appropriate point of contact should be the “Instructional Evaluation Specialist (IES)/School Psychologist” at your child’s building.  A description of their responsibilities are listed below:
    • Problem solve student concerns – has involvement in Response to Instruction (RtI)
    • Receives and begins process of the initial request for evaluation
    • Facilitates student assessments
    • Compiles the evaluation report
    • Schedules and sends meeting notices for initial eligibility
    • LEA at eligibility meetings
    • Transfer paperwork

Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, district-level supports are divided by high school feeder schools.  Below is a list of the Program Coordinators, Educational Therapists, and Autism Behavior Specialists per feeder.  If you are needing specific information regarding a related services staff member, please contact the Related Services Coordinator.  

LSHS Feeder Zone  

Schools:  Highland Park Elementary, Lee’s Summit Elementary, Sunset Valley Elementary, Woodland Elementary, Westview Elementary, Pleasant Lea Elementary, Pleasant Lea Middle School and Lee’s Summit High School

  • Program Coordinator, Suzy Vleisides   (  (816.986.1537)
  • Autism/Behavior Specialist, Danielle Wesley  (  (816.986.1520)

LSN Feeder Zone

Schools:   Hazel Grove Elementary, Mason Elementary, Meadow Lane Elementary, Prairie View Elementary, Richardson Elementary, Underwood Elementary, Bernard Campbell Middle School and Lee’s Summit North High School

  • Program Coordinator, Carrie Graap  (  (816.986.1541)
  • Autism/Behavior Specialist, Angela Chambers ( (816.986.1524)

LSW Feeder Zone

Schools:  Cedar Creek Elementary, Greenwood Elementary, Hawthorn Hill Elementary, Longview Farm Elementary, Summit Pointe Elementary, Trailridge Elementary, Summit Lakes Middle School, Lee’s Summit West High School, Summit Ridge Academy and Hilltop

  • Program Coordinator, Jennifer Monnig (   (816.986.1543)
  • Autism/Behavior Specialist, Sabrina Mitchell  (  (816.986.1551)

Related Services

Schools: Great Beginnings, Miller Park Center, Related Services, private parochial schools

  • Program Coordinator, Kendra Burke (  (816.986.1514)
  • Autism/Behavior Specialist, Elly Schierbeck  (  (816.986.2473)

Special Services District Administration

  • Executive Director, Dr. Staci Mathes (
  • Administrative Assistant/Medicaid, Christa Merritt ( (816.986.1012)

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