What process for evaluation and receiving services for private/parochial students and home-schooled students?

There are number of unique considerations for private/parochial and home-schooled students

  • Parents of private/parochial students will contact the Related Services Program Coordinator to complete a “Request for Consideration for a Special Education Evaluation” form.  (It is important to note, the Lee’s Summit School District is obligated to provide comprehensive evaluation of students with suspected disabilities who attend a private/parochial school within its boundaries.  Students who reside in a neighboring city but attend a Lee’s Summit private/parochial institution would receive an evaluation by Lee’s Summit staff.  Conversely, if a child resides in Lee’s Summit and attends a private/parochial school located in another district, the other district is responsible for the evaluation.)
  • Parents of home-schooled students will contact their school of residence Instructional Evaluation Specialist/School Psychologist to complete a “Request for Consideration for a Special Education Evaluation” form.
  • If your child meets Missouri eligibility criteria, private/parochial and home-schooled students are not entitled to the full menu of services that public school children receive.  However, limited services are determined annually with following consultation with private/parochial and home-school representatives.  Students may receive limited services through an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) while participating in a private/parochial or home-school setting.  Once eligibility has been confirmed, the district will also share with the parent what specialized instruction would be available if their child enrolled in a public school setting so parents can make an informed decision about services.
  • Home-schooled students who meet eligibility requirements can receive services at age 7.  Whereas, eligible students who attend private/parochial schools may receive services with enrollment in Kindergarten.

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